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The courses available will help you to understand food basics to special diets. You'll feel confident learning the information you need that will help you make the right decisions for the entire life of your dog.

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What do my clients say?

"Debbie, we have been so thankful for you and your guidance. We truly believe the the products you suggested has helped Chulo and us get through a very challenging week. We thank God we found you!"


"Debbie is amazing! She not only did she listen to my concerns & pups issues, but also made great recommendations and educated me. Now I know what to look for and what to stay away from. I know why I am feeding my dog the food I am, and I know the benefits she gets.

Debbie seriously is a hero and I would recommend her to anyone with a pet!"

- Courtney 

"Debbie, we have been so thankful for you and your guidance. We truly believe the products you suggested has helped Chulo. We thank God we found You!

- Candice G.

Hi, I’m Debbie Brookham, a Clinical Pet Nutritionist.

Where do you go for real dog nutrition? Pet parents today can be on information overload! I have studied over 500 hours of focused education on pet nutrition. I have over 18 years of experience and I am your resource for certifiable, factual information.

When you choose courses here, you are getting real factual advice, not marketing hype! Let's "dig in"